Independent Retailers Should Consider Joining a Group

CarpetsPlus COLORTILE was founded to help independent retailers grow a successful floor covering business. Here are some thoughts to help you make your decision:

Why Join a Buying Group?

Networking. Joining a group provides the added value and benefits of a network of flooring dealers from around the country who share their proven ways of doing business as well as their best practices.

Do you Fear You’ll Lose Your Independence?

Entrepreneurs are innovative, determined and proud. The last thing they want is someone that comes into their business and starts telling them what to do. Entrepreneurs also crave learning, value networking and are passionate about improving. Our group protects all of this.

Do You Need to Join a Group to be Successful?

Of course sharp business leaders can be successful without the added benefits that a group will bring, but the question is, can someone lead their company to greater success and profitability quicker and with fewer mistakes by learning from others? Logic says yes.

Go it Alone or With a Team?

Am I better off with an entire team of specialists behind me developing marketing, merchandising, sales, business growth ideas and options? Would I benefit by being connected with hundreds of other stores? Would a private label add value? Am I better off being able to pick up the phone and call other retailers from around the country to add their insights and experience to my decision making process… or am I best off going to battle alone?

Can a New Member Expect Growth?

The executive management team at one of our industry’s largest manufacturers told us, “We really like your group because when someone joins, that person becomes a stronger business owner and their company grows.” Our goal is to provide independent flooring retailers a wide menu of effective tools to help them grow a strong team and business. Part of that team involves the networking with other members.

What Would Members Say About Joining a Group?

We encourage prospects to call a few of them and have them weigh in. What you will hear is a buffet of benefits that are available to choose from. Look at it like a fine dining experience. There are all kinds of great items on the menu and you can’t possibly consume them all in one visit, so order what makes most sense for you today.

A wealth of support at every turn. It's like one big family where everyone shares and learns from each other. I can't tell you the number of things I've picked up to help me run my business.

Ben Case, Carpet Collection COLORTILE; Lockport, NY

I had a chance to join any buying group. I chose CarpetsPlus because I can keep my independence, they didn't have a lot of requirements and they had all the resources to help me succeed like private labeled displays and technology.

Tony Fry, CarpetsPlus of Winnsboro, TX

We used to belong to another buying group and it just wasn't a good fit because they required you to take their displays. With CarpetsPlus COLORTILE we can choose what we want. Another advantage is name recognition. We've had people come in just because of the COLORTILE name.

Jenny Mitchell, Cleveland Carpets & Floors; Griffin, GA

We have a network of peers we can reach out to for any reason.

MaryAnn Dougherty, Hoosier CarpetsPlus COLORTILE; Bloomington, IN

At convention, I come away with 10 tips I can implement into my business.

Rod Marchand, Tom's Home Furnishings; Harvey, ND

They let you run your business. They don't limit what you do or what you sell.

Josh Elder, CarpetsPlus COLORTILE, Gainesville, FL

Want to learn more about joining the CarpetsPlus family?

Contact our Member Services team at 800-261-6456 and we will provide more information. We look forward to hearing how we can help!