Strategic Supplier Partnerships

Our long standing relationships with our core suppliers will maximize the sales and profitability of your store.

Working Toward a Common Goal

We’ve spent years developing partnerships with the best suppliers in the flooring industry. These supplier partners recognize the tremendous value in the strength of our programs and support them with top notch product, pricing, rebates, service and training. Our group has a highly visible presence with our core suppliers and our relationships with them continue to strengthen, so everyone benefits. Our common goal is simple, sell more flooring and maximize profits. This is a goal that every flooring store can get behind.

Industry Leading Roster of Suppliers

We maintain close relationships with a comprehensive group of suppliers from all categories who believe in the same ideals as we do. We constantly evaluate the industry landscape and the effectiveness of our programs to ensure the best experience for YOUR flooring customers. We have a high standard for quality and integrity of our suppliers which translates to the CarpetsPlus COLORTILE brand being recognized as one of the top choices in flooring.

Sourcing the Most Effective
Carpet & Hard Surface Assortment

Throughout the year we host meetings with our key supplier partners to review new introductions and sales performance of current products. We strive to keep our members ahead of their competition by bringing innovative new product categories to the showroom floor. With the continued evolution and growth in hard surface products we focus our resources on bringing the best hard surface values and products to our members.