Consumer Website

Our updated website features a gallery of all popular flooring types and our blog to drive traffic to your store! With thousands of unique visitors each month, it reinforces the brand image while educating consumers on flooring products and options.

Promotion Calendar

We produce a yearly promotion calendar with promotions designed to help you sell more! Each promotion comes with a robust point-of-purchase kit to help you advertise your sale.

POP Kits

You will receive a coordinating point-of-purchase kit for each major sale on our promotion calendar. They contain posters, tags, balloons and other items to dress up your showroom.

Professional Design

Your marketing and advertising tools are produced by our award-winning, in-house creative department. Your campaigns will be professionally-designed and coordinated to produce results.

Shop for the Cause Event

Each year, our member stores hold an event called Shop for the Cause to raise funds for local cancer charities. This campaign’s goal is to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention and cure.

Shop for the Paws Event

We promote animal welfare and rescue through an event called Shop for the Paws. This campaign’s goal is to increase awareness and raise funds for local animal welfare organizations.

Private Label Credit Program

Through this program, participating retailers can offer customers increased purchasing power. Participating retailers can also offer special terms promotions that allow cardholders to enjoy low monthly payments and no-interest rates.