Every Program and Benefit Helps Members Increase Revenue, Decrease Cost of Goods & Streamline Operating Costs

CarpetsPlus COLORTILE was founded to provide independent retailers with a menu of professional tools to grow a successful floor covering business.

We Listen

We listen to our members. We listen to your needs, where you were when you started, where you want to go. We help you accomplish your goals.

Menu of Tools

We provide you with a menu of tools to help you accomplish your goals more quickly and enhance your profitability.

Business Resources

From advertising and websites to social media and learning better financial practices, our professional staff will give you the options you need to accomplish the things you want for your business.

Consolidated Buying Power

Being a member allows you to focus your pricing negotiations on a few core items and have the confidence we are taking care of the rest of your showroom.

Consumer Financing

We offer a consumer credit card program with a major financial institution. It will increase your average ticket size and potential for repeat business with a revolving line of credit.

Keep Your Independence

Take advantage of as little or as much of the options we give you to accomplish the things you, the individual store owner, want for your business.

Expense vs. Profit for the Average Retailer

Cost of Goods


Operating Costs


Average Retailer's Profit


Expense vs. Profit for CarpetsPlus COLORTILE Members

Cost of Goods


Operating Costs


CarpetsPlus Member's Profit


CarpetsPlus is NOT all about business and profit. It’s about people – giving, caring, sharing and finding ‘balance’ in their lives. Through my association with CarpetsPlus, I’ve grown as a person and as a businessman.

Gary Case, Carpet Collection Color Tile, Lockport, NY

When we installed our new CarpetsPlus COLORTILE sign we saw a dynamic increase in consumer traffic. It was almost like changing from a no-name restaurant to a McDonald’s® overnight. Our parking lot is always full.

Tony Ausilio, Bixby Plaza CarpetsPlus COLORTILE, Huntington Beach, CA

CarpetsPlus continues to provide outstanding value for its members. We couldn’t possibly merchandise our floor this efficiently without their cost-saving, yet great looking sample vehicles.

Mike Melkonian, Karen’s Advance Floors, Clarkston, MI

CarpetsPlus COLORTILE. We’re All Family Here.

CarpetsPlus COLORTILE is owned by a family operated business, showing longevity, experience and passion for the floor covering industry.