With CarpetsPlus COLORTILE you have access to professional tools to grow a successful floor covering business.

Rebates from First Sale

CarpetsPlus members begin receiving rebates immediately from their first sale – there are never any thresholds or monthly quotas to meet.

Flexible Terms

Our flexible membership terms give you freedom from any long term contractual commitments. Your independence comes first.

Low Cost of Entry

Our initial display package is customized for maximum cost savings which allows for rapid increase in sales and profits.

Affordable Membership

Minimal fees, lower than most other buying groups, allows you enhanced access to all major suppliers.

Lower Display Costs

Our display costs are extremely affordable. We’ve also been told by major mills our displays are the industry’s best.

Cutting-Edge Products

Your showroom will always be up-to-date with the latest, on-trend product mix in both carpet and hard surface. Products are carefully chosen by flooring experts.

Maintain Your Independence

Entrepreneurs are innovative, determined and proud. The last thing they want is someone that comes into their business and starts telling them what to do. They also crave learning, value networking and are passionate about improving. Our group protects all of this.

Keep Your Showroom Up-to-Date

With CarpetsPlus, your showroom will always be up-to-date with the latest, on-trend product mix in both carpet and hard surface. We also save you time and money by streamlining the buying process for you every year. We review all the new products in the industry from our key suppliers and curate unique product assortments that provide value and exclusivity in your particular marketplace.

Supplier Relationships That Benefit You

Take advantage of our relationships with key suppliers. Network with executive management from all the major mills.

Price Increase Extensions

Enjoy group-wide extensions on price increases to save money. While others are paying more, you’ll be paying less.

Network With Other Store Owners

Network with other store owners willing to share their insider secrets, operations ideas and best practices. There’s no question you can’t ask another member they wouldn’t be willing to answer.

Private Labeled Merchandising

We provide a complete showroom makeover with our consistent, private labeled, designer merchandising in carpet and hard surface. We can put together a best-of-the-best merchandising package with ‘Go-To specials’ as well as cut order products. Remember, it’s always up to you what programs you bring in.

Streamline Operations

Review Best Practices and Proven Ways involving showroom layout, department management, sales, marketing and promotion, warehouse operations, measuring and installation.

Lower Operating Expenses & Cost of Goods

Lower your operating expenses through networking best practices with like-minded entrepreneurs, and lower your overall cost of goods sold with group pricing discounts. CarpetsPlus members typically increase profits the first year of membership.