For most consumers, flooring is hardly an afterthought until new floors are needed.

Reaching out to local consumers is important, but it’s also limiting since floors are typically replaced once every 3-5 years.

In this series, our members discussed how they reach out to a variety of customers.

Customer Reach

Obviously, reaching customers is the most important goal of any business. But how far can you reach? Some members are happy serving their local community. Others reach out to surrounding communities, such as an entire metropolitan area or even their state. Do you have the resources to extend your physical/geographical reach? If not, how can you gain those resources/what resources would it take?

Extending Your Reach in a Limited Area

If you don’t yet have the resources to serve a larger area, how do you extend your reach within the area you serve? Some floor stores simply sell flooring. Others offer installation, cleaning and additional products to reach more local customers.

By offering products such as countertops, cabinets and backsplashes, your business is no longer limited to local consumers searching for flooring. And by offering additional services (especially inspections and installations), it becomes easier to attract not only more local consumers, but also local businesses.

Reaching Out To Other Businesses

Shannon Curtin (:35) at CarpetsPlus COLORTILE of Racine explains the value of networking with realtors and rental property managers. His strategy is simple: for him, reach isn’t just an adjective, but a verb. New property listings always present an opportunity in our industry.  He and Matt Hoffman of Home Interiors both discuss the importance of reaching out to different avenues.

Professional Networking Reach

Your professional reach doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to potential clients or local businesses.

By growing your professional networking reach well beyond your geographic location, you can gain unique insights of how similar businesses are succeeding in different markets. This is common with our members, who converse with each other by phone, email and our Facebook group. They also share tips and strategies with each other and other industry leaders (including suppliers and reporters) during our annual conventions.

Flooring Associations

They also find value by joining industry associations. For example, the World Floor Covering Association includes professional networking and support on a variety of fronts. They provide opportunities to connect, educate and even advocate. They also provide robust technology platforms to help floor stores better connect with potential customers. Similar organizations, such as the Northern California Floor Covering Association, connect flooring professionals at the state, regional and local levels.

Defining your Ideal Audience

The ideal audience is one that will best support your business. Obviously, this includes consumers. However, it may also include other businesses who can hire or refer you. Finally, it includes other professionals and business owners in your network that can offer advice, support and unique perspectives.

We specialize in helping our members reach their target audience. If you’d like more information on becoming a CarpetsPlus COLORTILE member, feel free to contact us.